5 Newest Trends in Pet Fashion You Should Be Part Of

Pet fashion has become more and more popular over the years as pet parents have recognized how much fun it is to dress their pets up. And aside from making them look really good, pet fashion also offers functional purposes, especially for pets who live in areas where their breeds don’t usually thrive.

Give your furry friends extra protection from the cold or the heat with pieces that are functional and visually pleasing. You can even match with them for an even more adorable fashion statement, especially if you’re planning to have a photoshoot.

If you’re wondering what the newest trends are in pet fashion, we’ve listed a few of the best to help steer you in the right direction the next time you go shopping.

  • 1 Comfy Pet Vests and Sweaters

Say goodbye to repurposed clothes just to keep your pets warm in the winter. One of the newest trends in pet fashion is expertly made pet vests and sweaters that are specifically made in their size.

Numerous brands today have started producing special dog vests that are equipped with either warming technology or waterproof lining to keep your pets safe, happy, comfortable, and looking spiffy whenever they need to go out.


  • 2 Outfit Twinning With Pets

For a lot of pet parents out there, pets are often regarded as extensions of themselves. And with the close companionship and almost unmatched connection between pet parents and their dogs, it’s pretty hard to contest this perspective.

This is also why we’ve seen a rise in pet and pet parents’ matching outfits all over social media. In fact, a lot of pet fashion brands are now offering outfits and items specifically for humans just to let them match with their pets.

If you’re looking for a low-key but still distinctive matching set with your pup, you can check out the matching collar or vest. They have numerous pattern and color selections, so you’ll have all the freedom to choose what you think will suit you and your pet the best.

  • 3  Luxury Pet Pieces

The next pet fashion trend that has been on the rise is branded and luxury pet items being developed by some of the most popular and luxurious brands in the world. We’re talking about Gucci, Hermes, Celine and Fendi.

These luxury brands have been releasing pet collections that make use of top-of-the-line materials. From vests made out of calf leather to premium cashmere cardigans, pets are no longer feeling left out of the latest fashion trends in the world of luxury.

  • 4 Protective Yet Adorable Dog Booties

Don’t let your pets walk on hot pavement or freezing snow without any type of protection! The very popular pet trend of dog booties is not only trendy but also functional, since you are protecting your pet’s delicate paws from possibly painful injuries during hot summer walks or cold winter runs.

With dog booties, you give your pets an extra layer of protection, while at the same time, giving them cute footwear to go with their beautiful vests and leashes!

  • 5 Graphic Prints and Tie-Dye Pieces

Tired of finding pet accessories and fashion pieces for dogs that have monotonous or even boring color tones? This fashion trend may just solve that problem.

More and more pet brands and pet fashion shops are now producing clothes and accessories for your pet with vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns.

Looking for clothes to make your pet look like a glimmering fairy? Or maybe you want a bold pattern for your pet’s bandanas and collars? Nowadays, you don’t have to look very far because these are readily available on the market.

Keep Your Pets Fashionable and Protected!

As more and more pet parents understand the importance of functional pet fashion, these trends are just going to become more and more popular. What’s great about these fashion trends, however, is that they’re not really made just to make pets beautiful and adorable, they’re also designed to keep them safe and comfortable when they’re out and about.

So if you’re just now looking to get a pup from dog breeders in New South Wales or you’re already the lucky owner of a beautiful dog that you want to show off, consider these fashion trends to make your pet’s life a little bit safer and more colorful.

Whatever life stage your pet is at, your local pet photographer will have the perfect package to suit your furry friend!

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