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9 Great Ideas for Your Dog’s Next Photoshoot

Many photographers, both amateurs and professionals, love to take pictures of dogs due to their adorable appearance and unpredictability. For them, capturing a pooch in action is a wonderful opportunity to get creative. If you are thinking of having a doggy photoshoot, here are some cool ideas:

#1 A Family Portrait

Your dog will always be an important member of your household, so what better way to celebrate a new addition to your home than a nice family photo? You can have everyone sit on the couch while your pooch steals the limelight by being at the centre.

#2 A Kid with Their Dog

Whether it’s a baby sleeping beside a dog or a teen teaching its canine to fetch, there is nothing more heartwarming than capturing a child and his or her dog. Kids and pets have a special bond unlike any other, which is why their combination creates a powerful photo.

#3 A Dog Eating

Every canine owner knows that pooches love treats, may they be a Brown Cavoodle, Golden Retriever, or Siberian Husky. This is why a photo of a dog catching a treat or licking food off its face is such a cool idea for a shoot.

#4 A Dog in Action

All pooches need daily exercise. It can be in the form of walking, running, catching, fetching, or swimming. By taking a photo of a dog engaged in a certain activity or sport, you emphasize its athletic movement and dynamics.

#5 You and Your Dog

It’s a popular thing, nowadays, to post photos online of the similarities between pets and their owners. If you see a resemblance between you and your pooch, why not turn it into a photo series? It could be your dog doing things you normally do or dressed in a way you normally dress. Doing so will not only produce funny results but also make you wonder if you really do look like your dog.

#6 A Family Activity

No beach or camping trip is the same without your beloved canine by your side. So why not take it as an opportunity to capture remarkable photos of your family with your dog? Start by documenting your car ride, then taking pictures of everyone swimming, having a meal together, or playing frisbee.

How about the next time you’re shopping at South Melbourne market, why not enlist a Melbourne based dog photographer to capture some shots of the whole family relaxing over a coffee after their shop or just relaxing alongside the Yarra?

#7 A Wet Pooch

Another cool photoshoot idea is capturing your dog while bathing it. All you need is water, soap, and a click of a camera to make it work. When your pooch starts to shake the water off, take more photos of it, as there is nothing more amusing than the natural facial expression it will make while doing so and the droplets of water in action.

#8 A Before-and-After Photo

Dogs need to be groomed every once in a while. Capturing their appearance before and after a professional grooming session is a fun way to see their transformation.

#9 An Artistic Portrait

Using costumes and props is a fantastic photoshoot idea. It could be your pooch wearing a cute sweater and a hat, or your dog inside a holiday gift box. Getting creative is easy as there are so many things you can incorporate in a photo to make your canine stand out. Play around with contrasting colours, such as a pink background for your brown Cavoodle or a rainbow background for your white Maltese pup, to really make your dog stand out.

Whatever life stage your pet is at, your local pet photographer will have the perfect package to suit your furry friend!

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