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The Best Photos For Your Best Friend

Your furry friend shows you love every day.

Why not capture the love with a Melbourne pet photography session?

  • Perfect for birthdays or anniversaries

  • Create beautiful art for your home

  • Capture your pet’s personality

Professional Pet Photos

We bring you the best local animal photographers who are able to capture the individual personalities of your pets with stunning photos.

Pupparazzi Pet Photography

Pupparazzi are one of the most popular Melbourne pet photography specialists with a large number of very positive reviews and a strong fan base on social media.

Lead photographer Simon is a dog lover with as much enthusiasm for life as the dogs he photographs.

With pet photo sessions starting at $150, Pupparazzi offer affordable and professional dog photography. Their gift vouchers are also very popular and make great birthday and Christmas gifts.

Frog Dog Studios

Belinda Richards of Frog Dog Studios is a fairly recent entrant to the Melbourne pet photography scene, but she hasn’t let that stop her from producing some amazing work and gaining plenty of recognition in the press for her projects and awards.

The Footy Dogs project was very popular and popped up all over the place.  It’s fairly typical of her style of work which is studio based and caters for all sorts of animals, and is also a very good cat photographer.

Located in Yarraville, close to Melbourne CBD, Frog Dog describes itself as a luxury boutique pet photography studio.


Dogfolk describe themselves as In-home lifestyle pet photographers in Melbourne, and it seems like they have really captured that segment of the market well.

They like to celebrate the special connection that you have with your dog, and prefer to do so in your own home, where you and your dog have your shared space.

They take a personalised approach to each shoot and capturing your individual love story with in a candid and creative style of phtography that will bring you joy for years to come.

Erin King

Erin specialises in outdoor, natural light photography with dogs and their people.

Based in the Moonee Ponds area of Melbourne, Erin seems equally comfortable photographing in laneways around the city as she does in bush locations.

Erin’s beautiful dog photos have an honest and relaxed style to them, which also comes across in the video below – she seems to have a relaxed and calm presence which is so important when working with animals.

Ella & Friends

Previously based on Kingsway in South Melbourne, Ella & Friends have relocated to the Croydon area where they are still offering high quality pet photography.

Previously much of their work appeared to be located in a photographic studio but after checking out their Instagram feed, it now appears they are venturing outdoors for sessions more.

Ella & Friends are well known for their WOOF! coffee table style book which was produced every few years with dog owners invited to participate and purchase a copy.

Paul Tadday Photography

Based in Croydon North, Paul Tadday mostly photographs dogs, although he has also had cats, birds, rabbits and their ‘two legged families’ in front of his lense!

Using a wide selection of Melbourne for his locations, Paul aims to give you and your pet an enjoyable and memorable pet photography experience.

Involving two of Paul’s passions of photography and dogs means his work doesn’t feel like a ‘job’ – it’s just what he loves to do. With that kind of attitude you can see why clients loves his pet photos.

Ragamuffin Pet Photography

Caitlin J McColl claims to have the best job in the world and we think she might be right!  I mean, who doesn’t want to hang out taking photos of dogs all day, right?!

Of her beautiful dog photos, Caitlin says that she specialises in creating ‘personality-filled portraits of happy dogs’.

Based in the Newport area, Caitlin offers photoshoots in nearby parks, including Williamstown Botanical Gardens and Gasworks Park. As if she wasn’t busy enough with her own pet photos, she also offers a pet photographers course and runs the Pet Photographers Club podcast and annual awards.

Jo Howell Photography

Based in Knoxfield, Jo Howell works in a mainly studio environment, often with bright white backgrounds which offer a clean ‘studio look’ style of pet portrait.

With numerous awards won in the 2020 APA International Print Awards and Rise International Photography Awards, JHP studio have a great portfolio of images to browse.

We liked the tagline on the JHP website which reads ‘We capture fun pet portraits to create lasting memories of your best friend … because life really is better with pets!’  We won’t argue with that!


Julie Ewing of Pawraits understands how much pets are a part of the family and loves to focus on the special bond you share.

She claims over 2o years experience in portrait photography,  and says she’ll make sure you and all your pet family will look fabulous in your pet photos, which she often photographs in her Northcote studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices for professional pet photography can vary, but a general price is approximately $200-300 for a photoshoot and then most pet owners purchase prints, wall canvas or digital files, spending anything from $200 to around $1200-$1500 for an average shoot.

Most animal photographers are sole traders who gain their business through offering a quality service to clients. They are not usually endorsed or ratified by any professional body. It’s safe to say that bad or neglectful photographers don’t stay in business very long!  In Australia the AIPP is the organisation for professional photographers.

There are several high profile animal photography competitions, but some which are more suited pet photographers are the Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year and the newer Pet Photographer of the Year run by the folk at the Pet Photographers Club podcast.

Some pet photographers focus solely on one type of animal such as a cat or a dog, but many offer their services to all creatures.  Nearly all the photographers that we have come across photograph dogs, but very few are prepared to photograph horses.
In our experience we have found that the optimum photoshoot length is about one hour with dogs.  This allows for the dog to take a break and a variety of scenes.  Working with cats can be trickier and sometimes you get 10 seconds and sometimes 10 minutes or more.  As long as your animal photographer has brought along his bag of patience, they’ll manage to capture some stunning photos for you, no matter how long your pet is willing to work with them for.

Melbourne has plenty of great options for pet photography, including city laneways, Gasworks Park, Pipemakers Park, Port Melbourne beaches, Brighton beach, Sandringham beach, alongside the Yarra River, vibrant graffiti laneways, and that’s just the start. The best photography location is the one that is going to suit your dog the best. If your dog is happy and relaxed, that will resonate in the photos and help to create beautiful photos for you to hang on your wall. You’ll find that all Melbourne dog photographers have their own favourite locations so simply ask for their advice on a location to suit your pet and you’ll be assured of a great outcome.

If you have any questions about pet photography or to speak with your nearest Melbourne pet photographer, please contact us

Professional Pet Photography in Melbourne

Pet owners are able to trust their professional photographer to capture the personalities of their beloved companions. Being specialists in the field of animal photography, your photographer will know exactly how to pose your pet to capture the perfect photo.

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