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Your furry friend shows you love every day.  Why not capture love with a professional photography session?

  • Perfect for birthdays or anniversaries

  • Create beautiful art for your home

  • Capture your pet’s personality

Professional Pet Photos

We bring you the best local pet photographers around Sydney who are able to capture the individual personalities of your pets with stunning photos.

Pawtastic Photography

Sam at Pawtastic believes that pets are family, and that by just being themselves they bring us laughter and joy, making the most of every moment.

She is a self confessed animal obsessive and has untold numbers of photos of paws and cute furry details!

With a good range of both cat and dog photography, Sam is a great all rounder and can confidently photograph any type of pet. Cat sessions take place in the cat’s home and photoshoots with dogs take place in a range of attractive locations Sam has discovered around the Sydney and northern beaches region.

Furry Munchkins

Animal photographer Keefe Tay of Furry Muchkins is based on the northern shore of Sydney and his team of dedicated cat and dog photographers promise to capture beautiful photos of your pet and family.

Their photos will show their individual personalities and encapsulate the special bond that is shared between pet and their owner.

Furry Munchkins are incredibly passionate about cats and unusually for a pet photography service, seem to focus on these beautiful creatures more than dogs.  Their Instagram feed shows that they do indeed photograph both cats and dogs. Their fundraising coffee table cat book has proved a big success and has raised much needed funds for a good cause.

Love Pets Photography

Love Pets Photography have a very bright and studio based look to their pet photography. And people love it!

Working with both cats and dogs, the team at Love Pets help to celebrate your fur baby by creating a legacy of love with stunning pet photos.

Their charity supporting photo books have raised a great deal of money for worthy causes and continue to be popular.

Portraits of a Pet

We love that Portraits of a Pet has a pig in their portfolio. Now, THAT’S a pet!

As well as the pig, they have also photographed hundreds of cats, dogs and….some Guinea Pigs. We love versatility in an animal photographer, and these guys can certainly handle any animal that you offer them!

When he’s not working at the RSCPA as a graphic designer and photographer, Patrick, the man behind Portraits of a Pet is out photographing pets for private clients.

With pet photography session pricing starting at $350, you’ll be pleased to hear that 10% of the session fee is donated to RSPCA NSW – loving your work Patrick!

Ruthless Photos

We covered the excellent Ruthless Photos on our Canberra pet photography page, so check them out there.

Pawtraits and Pawprints

Owner of a Beagle and 2 cats, Mia, the photographer behind Pawtraits and Pawprints is a lifeloing animal lover.

Always out and about with her camera, it wasn’t until Mia photographed a friend’s dog while out on a walk that she realised she could start offering her photography skills to clients.

She describes her perfect life as being outdoors and taking photos to produce the photo that will make their owner’s face beam.

When Mia isn’t at the local shelter helping animals, she’s hanging out with them taking their photo.

Call of the Wild

As a photographer’s daughter, Annabel has naturally gravitated towards photography with animals and film making.

She adores dogs and looks forward to capturing your dog’s unique character, creating heart warming portraits you’ll treasure forever.

As well as being a great dog photographer, Annabel welcomes all types of animal and has even photographed a crocodile!

Dog Photog

We covered this Melbourne pet photographer over on the Melbourne page so check them out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices for professional pet photography can vary, but a general price is approximately $200-300 for a photoshoot and then most pet owners purchase prints, wall canvas or digital files, spending anything from $200 to around $1200-$1500 for an average shoot.

Most animal photographers are sole traders who gain their business through offering a quality service to clients. They are not usually endorsed or ratified by any professional body. It’s safe to say that bad or neglectful photographers don’t stay in business very long!  In Australia the AIPP is the organisation for professional photographers.

There are several high profile animal photography competitions, but some which are more suited pet photographers are the Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year and the newer Pet Photographer of the Year run by the folk at the Pet Photographers Club podcast.

Some pet photographers focus solely on one type of animal such as a cat or a dog, but many offer their services to all creatures.  Nearly all the photographers that we have come across photograph dogs, but very few are prepared to photograph horses.
In our experience we have found that the optimum photoshoot length is about one hour with dogs.  This allows for the dog to take a break and a variety of scenes.  Working with cats can be trickier and sometimes you get 10 seconds and sometimes 10 minutes or more.  As long as your animal photographer has brought along his bag of patience, they’ll manage to capture some stunning photos for you, no matter how long your pet is willing to work with them for.

If you have any pet photography questions, please contact us.

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Professional Pet Photography in Sydney, Northern Beaches & Central Coast NSW

Pet owners are able to trust their professional photographer to capture the personalities of their beloved companions. Being specialists in the field of animal photography, your photographer will know exactly how to pose your pet to capture the perfect photo.

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