Tips for Keeping Your Dog Well Groomed

dog grooming tips

We all know that grooming our dogs is great for their health, wellbeing and overall good looks, but who really knows whether they’re doing it properly?

Fear not, as we’re going to let you in on some of the professional’s best kept grooming secrets that we’ve picked up along the way.

Regular Brushing Helps Prevent Matting

Whether your dog is super smooth or long and tangly, they will always benefit from being regularly brushed and matting is something that is to be avoided whenever possible, as it can create discomfort and health issues.

Different breeds require different amounts of grooming. For example, long haired breeds ideally need to be brushed every other day, while short haired breeds can be left a little longer.  Our crazy Cavoodle gets brushed once a week and he seems fairly happy with that!

Next time you’re shopping for cute pet accessories, grab yourself a dog grooming kit from an affordable pet supply store and you’ll always be ready to groom when the mood takes you or when your pet is nice and relaxed.

Help Your Dog To Enjoy Grooming

Dogs don’t always enjoy being groomed so make sure that you start grooming with short sessions to help them get used to the experience and then build up from there.

Combine the grooming with cuddles and positive feedback; praising the dog for good behaviour in a calm and friendly voice.

Treats are good for keeping your dog occupied during grooming, with a blob of natural peanut butter on a feeding mat being the perfect option as it takes them a while to finish it and most dogs find a treat mat additionally stimulating with all it’s grooves and bumps.

Knowing your dog’s limit is also key – if they start to show signs of distress or want to get away, give them a break and return to the groom later in the day.

Baths Are Fun – In Moderation

Although we all enjoy the smell of a freshly bathed dog, too many baths can be bad for your dog.  A weekly bath is usually too frequent for most dogs, with many vets recommending a monthly or longer interval between baths.

Ensure that you use a soap-free pet shampoo specifically formulated for use with dogs and you should never use human shampoos which are likely to cause irritations to dogs.

When looking for pet supplies in Australia, don’t forget that online pet stores are becoming increasingly competitive with their pricing, not to mention the convenience of home delivery that they all now offer.

Don’t Forget Their Nails

Dog’s nails can often be overlooked in the grooming process, but they are an equally important aspect to maintaining good health.

I don’t know of many dog owners that enjoy cutting their dog’s nails as it can be fraught with danger if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Electric nail trimmers and manual clippers can be purchased easily, but we should offer a word of caution – if you cut too short you might cause your dog some pain and there could also be some bleeding.

If you’re a scaredy cat like we are, a trip to your groomer is much less stressful for all involved!

With these grooming tips in mind, you’ll be able to help keep your furry friend looking and feeling like a show dog, whilst ensuring that they’re ready for their upcoming pet photography session.

Whatever life stage your pet is at, your local pet photographer will have the perfect package to suit your furry friend!

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