What Are The Benefits of Placenta Shampoo?

placenta-shampoo-for-dogsWhat Are The Benefits of Placenta Shampoo?

From washing our own hair, we all know that finding the right shampoo that suits our body type, hair style and the climate we live in, can be very important and determine whether we have a good or a bad hair day, but have you ever considered what suits your dog best?

I have to admit that we often just buy a natural or organic hypoallergenic shampoo that has a nice scent and seems to make our four legged friend look and feel cleaner after using, but apparently there can be quite a bit more to it than that.

A post popped into our social feeds this week for a placenta shampoo which is supposed to help alleviate dry skin, add softness, eliminate the frizz factor and give a lustre to the hair or fur.

Once we started doing a bit of research around placenta shampoos we then discovered that there are actually quite a few available on the market and many also have additional ingredients which may (or may not!) be beneficial for hair care.

What Is Placenta Shampoo Made From?

Apparently only a small percentage of the shampoos ingredients is actually made from placenta, which in human shampoos is generally derived from sheep placentas, although placenta for cosmetic usage can also be obtained from the ovarian wall of plants.

There are some suggestions online that human placentas are also used in the manufacture of cosmetic and beauty products.

If you follow a vegan lifestyle you should probably do some more research for yourself on this side of things.

What Other Ingredients Work Well In Shampoo?

While placenta apparently adds a softness and shine to shampoos, it’s perhaps no coincidence that they all also usually include the following ingredients, which are also said to have similar properties and achieve the same effect: olive oil, vitamin E and panthenol.

Could some of these placenta shampoos be effective simply because of the other ingredients?

With a premium price on the products that contain placenta I can see why manufacturers might like to reassure us that we’ll be able to see the benefits of using their shampoo and cosmetic products.

What Are The Recommended Brands Of Placenta Shampoo?

Since we haven’t yet tested out any of the placenta shampoos on the market for ourselves, we’re reluctant to give any recommendations as to the quality or effectiveness of any of them but there are a large number of them available on the US site Amazon.com as well as Amazon Australia.

In the meantime we’ll keep using the oatmeal shampoos for sensitive skin or the great smelling Aloveen shampoo and conditioner which turns our Cavoodle into a sweet smelling ball of fluff that you want to cuddle all day long!

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