Grooming German Shepherds

Your German shepherd’s coat can protect him from the sun, cold, and even the rain!

It’s important to understand how to properly care for your dog’s coat so it stays healthy, which will help protect him from damage caused by things like exposure to the sun.

If you are looking to purchase a long-haired German shepherd you must know how to properly care for and groom their coat.

Here are some helpful tips for properly grooming a German shepherd.

German shepherd Coat Type

Before you start looking after your German shepherd’s coat, it’s important to first determine what type of coat your dog has.

There are four different German shepherd coats. Each type is associated with a common issue and a moderate issue. Knowing what type you have will help you address the specific problem.

The four types of coat are:

  • Short coat with undercoat
  • Medium coat with undercoat
  • Long with no undercoat
  • Long with undercoat

How Much Grooming Does Your German shepherd Need?

As the owner of a German shepherd, it’s important to be prepared for a lot of grooming.

These dogs are also known as “German Shedders” because they tend to shed quite a bit no matter what length of coat they have on a given day. So no matter what their coat length is their coat will fall eventually. Shedding will cause matting and stunned growth.

To avoid mats from forming, you need to brush their coat on a daily basis. Anything beyond brushing away excess hair is vital for your dog’s skin health since any type of fur will make them prone to other problems such as allergies and infections.

Brushing your dog’s fur is a good way to distribute oils that their skin produces evenly over the rest of their body. This helps prevent them from having an unhealthy or rough coat.

When To Bath Your German shepherd?

When bathing your German shepherd, it’s important not to bathe them too often because it can strip their oils from the skin thus drying out their coat.

You also don’t want to wait too long between baths because this could bring about some issues with the skin’s natural defenses which allows for an environment where parasites and germs can easily spread.

Bathing your dog depends on different factors like what is their coat length? How much time does your dog spend outside? If your dog spends too much time outside then you should bathe them every 6th to 8th week.

Using the right dog shampoo in conjunction with a quality coat & skin conditioner will help keep a dog’s hair silky & shiny at all times while also protecting the skin from becoming overly dried out or from sebum buildup.

To keep your German shepherd in good health, it is important to keep up with their grooming needs. We recommend visiting a professional groomer at least once every six weeks. They will be able to bathe your German Shepherd, trim their hair, and keep their coat healthy. They will also be able to identify any skin or coat conditions that need to be addressed.


We hope you enjoyed our article about caring for a German shepherd’s coat. Grooming your German shepherd’s coat is a great way to show that you care.

With these tips, you can make sure your German shepherd is healthy and looking its best and ready for a visit to the local dog friendly cafe.

Whatever life stage your pet is at, your local pet photographer will have the perfect package to suit your furry friend!

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