What Are The Best Dog Movies For Movie Night?


As professional dog photographers you might expect us to go home and relax by doing something that doesn’t include dogs.  Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth as you’ll often find us in the evenings lounging on the sofa, dog on the lap or at our feet watching a wildlife documentary or animal related TV show.

Here, in no particular order we list some of our favourite movies and TV shows featuring dogs. Got a favourite dog movie? Let us know in the comments below.


Whats not to love about this movie? It features dogs AND penguins!

Filmed and set in beautiful Victoria, all the Melbourne dog photographers will recognise the stunning locations along the Bass Coastline.

Starring Shane Jacobson and Succession’s Sarah Snook this is a great family movie and one that will have you taking off on a roadtrip to visit the popular town of Warrnambool.

marley and me movie

Marley & Me

Currently streaming on Disney+, Marley & Me stars Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson alongside the real star of the movie, a gorgeous Labrador Retriever.

A word of warning – this one gets sad, so bring a box of tissues!

red dog movie

Red Dog

Featuring a true blue Aussie Kelpie cattle dog this is a great outback movie based on a true story and follows the exploits of a cattle dog that liked to wander.

The sequel, Red Dog True Blue is just as good as this one.

frankenweenie movie


For lovers of stop motion and Tim Burton, Frankenweenie is already a cult classic. Shot in black and white and featuring the trademark Tim Burton quirks, it’s a very sweet film about the love between a boy and his dog.  Not scary as such, but it’s probably better suited to children aged 8+ and adults. One of our favourites!



It could be the fond memories from watching it in black and white and then in colour on our small television that Lassie has been included.  Whether it’s the original series, one of the numerous TV series that ran for years or the more recent movies, Lassie is always a winner and whenever I see a Sheltie out for a walk, Lassie is all I can think of!

lady and the tramp

Lady & The Tramp

I may only be including this one because as a child I had a pillow case featuring the spaghetti scene. I watched the scene with my family recently and we quite enjoyed it, although the recent live action movie got a better reaction from the kids.

Isle Of Dogs

Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson’s stop motion adventure is probably one of my favourites in this list. Much like Tim Burton, I’m pretty loyal to anything that Wes Anderson produces and this was another of his that exceeded my expectations.  The dogs and their characters, voices and back stories are all brilliantly conceived.

A real treat for both dog lovers and Wes fans!

best in show movie

Best In Show

Mockumentaries can be a bit hit and miss at times, but Christopher Guest’s Best in Show skewers the dog show world but does it with a warm and friendly edge, introducing us to some great characters, showing the love and bond that the dog and owners hold.

As we all know, dogs often look like their owners and this movie extracts the most it can from that idea.


Clifford The Big Red Dog

As the title suggests, Clifford is a big red dog.  It’s a ridiculous concept for a movie and most adults won’t want to watch this, but it’s a great option for kids or a family friendly movie.


This American TV series follows professional dog photographer Kaylee Greer and is a great way of checking out how a pet photography session works.  Check out the streaming services for this one as it seems to jump around a bit – it’s popped up on Amazon Prime a couple of times, but also appears on the National Geographic channel.

Dog House UK & Dog House Australia

We love both the UK and Australia version of this show. It’s so lovely to see dogs who have been waiting for the forever family meet their humans and for each to get to know each other.

The pairings don’t always work out at first, but the dogs usually find someone that is suitable for them eventually.  Heartwarming television.

Whatever life stage your pet is at, your local pet photographer will have the perfect package to suit your furry friend!

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