Why You Should Photograph Your Pets When They Are Young

They’re not with us for long enough

We all adore our pets and few of us want to think of a time in the future where they might not be standing alongside us, but as professional pet photographers, we all too often get to experience the end of a dog’s life when we’re engaged at the last moment for an end-of-life pet photography session.

While we are always glad to be able to bring a little happiness to a dog’s owner by providing them with high quality photos of their beloved pet before they cross the rainbow bridge, it’s also usually tinged with a certain amount of sadness when we hear that these are the only decent photos of their pet that they have.

Sure, some people have a few snaps on their phones but rarely are they great works of art that they will want to frame and put on the wall.

Here are our suggestions for the key moments in your dogs life that you really should be photographing:

  • Puppy time or Gotcha day

  • First Birthday or Gotcha Day anniversary

  • Some active photos in their favourite park or beach – running, jumping, catching balls etc

  • Mature age or double digit birthday – surely that deserves a big cake and a party hat!

  • End of life session

While not everybody will want to spend money on a professional pet photographer during all the life stages we have listed, we really can’t impress on you enough just how important taking photos of your pet is.  After all, any photo is better than no photo!

So, whether you photograph your dog on your iphone or enjoy using a quality digital camera, it doesn’t really matter how many you take to get a satisfactory image, just as long as you take some. We’ve listed some top tips for taking photos of your dog here.

You’d be surprised just how good the photos from smartphones like the iPhone are now – we’ve seen some enlarged to billboard size and they still look stunning!

When you look at the cost of pet ownership across the world, you’ll see that the relatively small cost of hiring a photographer represents good value when compared to the overall lifetime cost of keeping a pet.

A good option is to choose one of the life stages we have listed and have that captured in a photoshoot with a professional, and then capture all the other moments yourself.

While we see the value and sentimental attachment to having end-of-life photos of your dog, I’m pretty sure most people would rather see impressive photos of their dog living in their prime, with their boundless energy and enthusiasm and would prefer to remember them in this way.

Regardless of how you photograph your dog or other pet, we firmly believe that you can’t have too many photos. The only regrets we hear as dog photographers is that many owners don’t have enough photos of their dogs, especially in their younger years.

Whatever stage you and your dog are at, please get in touch with your local pet photographer in Melbourne or Sydney to explore the best options for you to create some beautiful, lasting memories to treasure further down the track.

Whatever life stage your pet is at, your local pet photographer will have the perfect package to suit your furry friend!

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