What Makes The Perfect Dog Bed?


We’ve all seen the photos of disasters that have befallen dog beds, when over enthusiastic dogs have thrown them around and ripped them open so that the filling has been scatted all over the lounge room or backyard. While it was probably fun for the dog, we prefer our dog beds to last a little longer than a week so we’ve scoured the internet for the best dog beds available and what you should look for when selecting one.

When searching for the perfect dog bed for your loyal friend, these are some of the most important factors to consider:

How big should a dog bed be?

The bed should be big enough to accommodate your dog comfortably. The perfect size for your dog’s bed should be bigger than your dog, so that it has enough room to stretch out.

If you have several dogs who enjoy sleeping together, take this into account and buy one that is big enough for both of them.

What makes a dog bed comfortable?

The bed should be soft and comfortable, providing your dog with the support it needs to rest and sleep well. A memory foam mattress or a cushioned bed with built-in support can offer optimal comfort. There are numerous options for good quality supportive mattresses and as you’d expect, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and longevity.

Dog beds need to be durable

The bed should be durable, made of sturdy materials to withstand heavy use, scratching, and chewing. High-quality beds made with durable materials like canvas or waterproof materials also help to protect your dog from the elements and make them perfect for leaving out on the deck.

Should Dog Beds should be easy to clean?

The bed should be easy to clean and maintain. Choose materials that are stain resistant, machine washable, or wipeable to make maintenance easy.

How do I clean a dog bed?

Hopefully your dog hasn’t taken over your sofa and that remains clean! Assuming they love their own bed and they spend plenty of time in it, it will definitely need a semi-regular clean to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your pet and to prevent odours and the buildup of dirt and allergens. But how do you effectively clean a dog bed?

Here are the steps to clean a dog bed:

  • Check the care instructions: Before you start cleaning, check the care label on the dog bed, if available. Some dog beds are machine washable, while others may require hand cleaning or spot cleaning.
  • Remove loose debris: Shake or vacuum the dog bed to remove loose dirt, pet hair, and debris. Use a brush or lint roller to get rid of stubborn hair.
  • Pre-treat stains: If there are visible stains on the bed, spot-treat them before washing. You can use a pet stain remover or a mixture of water and mild detergent. Follow the instructions on the stain remover product.
  • Machine wash (if applicable): If the dog bed is machine washable, remove any removable covers or cushions, if possible. Place them in the washing machine and wash according to the care label instructions. Use a gentle, pet-safe detergent, and opt for a cold or lukewarm water setting to prevent shrinkage.
  • Hand wash (if necessary): If the bed is not machine washable or if it has non-removable parts, you may need to hand wash it. Fill a large basin or bathtub with lukewarm water and add a pet-safe detergent. Gently scrub the bed using a soft brush or cloth. Be thorough in cleaning all surfaces and crevices.
  • Rinse thoroughly: After washing, rinse the dog bed thoroughly to remove all detergent residues. Ensure that there are no soapy patches left.
  • Dry the dog bed: Allow the dog bed to air dry completely. Hang it outside or place it in a well-ventilated area. If you’re concerned about odors or want to speed up the drying process, you can sprinkle baking soda on the bed before letting it dry.
  • Reassemble the bed: Once the bed and its components are completely dry, reassemble it and put it back in your pet’s favorite spot.
  • Regular maintenance: To prevent excessive dirt and odors, consider using a removable, machine-washable cover for the dog bed. You can also vacuum or shake out the bed regularly to remove loose debris.
  • Wash bedding and toys: Don’t forget to wash your dog’s bedding, blankets, and toys regularly as well, as they can also harbor dirt and odors.
  • The frequency of cleaning your dog’s bed will depend on how dirty it gets and your pet’s habits. In general, aim to clean it at least once a month, but more frequent cleaning may be necessary for heavy shedders or if your dog has allergies. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help keep your pet’s sleeping area fresh and comfortable. If you’re time poor there are are a number of sofa cleaning companies in Sydney who will come to the home and do the cleaning for you.

Should Dog Beds Look Good?

The design should complement your home décor and aesthetics as well as the size and breed of your dog. Cute patterns, designs or shapes can also help to make the bed more appealing to your dog.  Just because the item belongs to the dog it shouldn’t be an eyesore in the home. After all, you wouldn’t purchase an ugly bed, would you?!

Think safety when buying a dog bed

The dog bed should be safe for your furry friend. Ensure that there are no sharp edges or materials that can pose a danger to your dog’s physical well-being.

The Most Popular Dog Beds

Which Is The Best Dog Bed To Buy?

In no particular order, these are all popular and highly-rated dog beds in Australia based on customer reviews and ratings:

Snooza Orthobed – provides orthopedic support for dogs with joint problems.

Kazoo Stylish Lounger – offers durable and comfortable bedding for dogs.

FuzzYard Reversible Bed – stylish and comfortable dog bed with a reversible design.

K&H Pet Products Bolster Couch – provides a cozy and supportive place for dogs to rest.

PetLife Oval Ottoman Pet Bed – a plush and comfortable bed that also acts as a stylish ottoman.

Petface Plush Igloo Bed – ideal for small dogs who enjoy snuggling up in a cozy, enclosed space.

Petsue Elevated Dog Bed – offers a raised design that helps to keep dogs cool and comfortable.

Paws & Claws Round Dog Bed – soft and plush bed with a washable cover that is easy to maintain.

Purina Petlife High-Loft Orthopaedic Bed – provides support for dogs with joint problems or arthritis.

Rogue Royalty Round Duffle Bed – a well-made, comfortable bed that is also stylish.

Keep in mind that factors such as your dog’s size, sleeping habits, and health conditions should also be taken into consideration when choosing the best bed for them.

Does your dog love their bed but we haven’t featured it on the list?  Drop us a line with a few comments about it and we’ll share it with other dog lovers.

Whatever life stage your pet is at, your local pet photographer will have the perfect package to suit your furry friend!

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