pet portraits

Unique & Colourful Pet Portraits For Your Home

As you will know, we’re all about photographing your dog, whether it’s at home relaxing on the sofa, in the backyard catching a ball or adventuring in stunning landscapes for that epic outdoor shot.

These shoots always look great printed large and mounted on the wall in either acrylics, canvas, metal prints or more traditional framed prints.

So, what happens once you’ve done all that and have printed all those stunning shots from your dog photoshoot and hung them around your house? What then? You probably still want to celebrate your dog friend with some artwork, but haven’t you already done that? Not this way you haven’t!

Custom pet portraits are growing ever popular and are a great way of celebrating your pet with a unique piece of art that isn’t necessarily just about a cute close up of their wet nose or them bounding along the beach in Melbourne or enjoying a lactose free puppucino at their favourite dog-friendly cafe (it’s the place that also gives the free dog treats, right?!), and the team at Rare Puppy have made the process super easy for you.

pet portraits

pet portraits

How do you order your pet portrait?

It’s incredibly simple to create your individual pet portrait, all you do is give the team at Rare Puppy your pet’s breed, their name and pick out your favourite colour.

From there, in less than three working days, the artists will create for you your own individual hand designed pet portrait.

With unlimited edits on offer, you’ll be able to create the ultimate design, ready for printing.

Pet owners are able to create a pet portrait of their pet, no matter what type of animal it is, and the art wizards at Rare Puppy don’t even need for you to send them a photo, able to use or create a silhouette that perfectly illustrates your pet.

pet portraits

This makes a pet portrait an ideal gift for friends or relatives as you don’t need to give the game away by trying to take a perfect photo of them.  Leave that kind of stress to a dog photographer – you can just sit back and enjoy the cuddles!

Once your specifications have been submitted, your design will be created and then sent to you for approval before printing. Their fast shipping and skip-the-line service, means an artwork can be designed within a day and despatched promptly to reach you in time for that special occasion.

With sizes ranging from a delicate 8×10 inch through to a whopping 24×36 inch, there is a size to suit every home and every occasion.

Dog owners who have everything already can be notoriously tricky to buy gifts for, so this is going to be one of the lifesaver gifts that we’ll start using in the coming year.  After all, there are only so many practical doggy gifts or trinkets that one household needs.

Gifts like the pet portraits from Rare Puppy are going to be admired and enjoyed every day of the year. Order yours at

Whatever life stage your pet is at, your local pet photographer will have the perfect package to suit your furry friend!

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