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The Best Sydney Pet Photographers In 2024

We’re often asked ‘Who are the best pet photographers in Sydney?’ and until now we’ve been directing people to our entire list of pet photographers in Sydney, but all that is about to change as we bring to you, our definitive list of the BEST pet photography services in the Sydney region.

The following (and in no particular order) are the pet photographers who we have a connection with, can confirm they run a good business, love their photography and rate as the best in and around Sydney.


Allira Fontana Photography

Allira Fontana is a pet photographer and certified dog trainer with some big feelings for animals. Yup, you guessed it – she’s completely consumed by dogs. Whether you want to call it “dog whispering” or just having an uncanny knack, there’s something about canines that speaks to her.

She’s got a handle on their behaviour and can decipher dog body language like it’s second nature.


Allira’s passion for all things dog-related began way back when she was just a kid, but it reached new heights when she welcomed Archie and Chico into her life.

Those two pretty much dictate her daily routine and she plans everything around their happiness.

They have also taught her an enormous amount about dog behaviour and training, which is incredibly useful for professional pet photography.

Now, onto another one of her big loves: horse riding. Lucky enough to spend much of her youth in the saddle, she soaked up everything there was to know about horses.

As life got busier, riding took a bit of a backseat, but her love for these majestic creatures never waned.

So, when she decided to get serious about her photography hobby, it only made sense to reconnect with the equestrian world and relive those riding days through her lens.

What better than combining two of your favourite animals with your other passion of photography?! 

With extensive experience of both dogs and horses it hardly needs to be said that Allira’s pet photography is stunning.  


Allira’s 90 minute photo sessions start at $175 and include a $100 credit towards custom printed products.  

As always, if you have something in particular in mind for your pet photos it’s worth having a conversation with the photographer and asking for advice as to how to best achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

With many years of both photography and first-hand equine experience, Allira makes capturing timeless memories of your beloved equine companion or dog friend appear effortless.

From striking black or white background shots to breathtaking outdoor portraits, the photo sessions are customised to meet your specific desires and requirements. Understanding that not all horse owners wish to be included in the images with their horse, the client questionnaire assists in meticulously planning the ideal session tailored to you and your horse.

With the use of a specialised photo halter and the wizardry of Photoshop, horses can be portrayed without halters during their photo session, offering a more natural aesthetic if preferred. Alternatively, a pristine and polished bridle can infuse the photo session with an added touch of sophistication.

Allira understands that your furry companion isn’t just a pet—they’re family. And there’s nothing that brings her more joy than capturing those priceless moments of your four-legged friend doing what they love most!


Furry Munchkins Pet Photography

Run by the multi-talented Keefe Tay, Furry Munchkins Pet Photography has been in business since 2017 after starting out as a side-hustle.

Not only is Keefe a talented pet photographer but he is also a qualified veterinarian! A nail trim after your photo madam? We’re only joking about the additional services as Keefe hung up his stethoscope in 2021 to focus on his pet photography business. That’s quite the side-hustle!

With a natural affinity to cats, Keefe produces some outstanding feline images.  Anyone who can create stunning photos with cats, who we all know can be finicky at times can also easily work with dogs too – after all, they can be easily bribed! 


With a calm manner and a great deal of patience Keefe says that his biggest joy in life is when I’ve managed to earn their trust, especially when they’re shy or timid.

In his time as veterinarian he has unfortunately seen plenty of fur parents have to say goodbye to their fur babies at the end of their time with us. Keefe says that nothing fills him up more than serving clients who would like to capture everlasting memories of their beautiful furry loved ones.


The Furry Munchkins pet photography experience is priced at $250 and allows for a 90 minute session, which is an ample amount of time to create those world class images of your beloved pet that you’ll see all over the website.

Following the session, clients have the opportunity to attend an in-person or zoom based purchasing session to select and finalise their favourite images from the shoot. The only problem you’ll have is choosing your favourite!

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