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Professional Pet Photos

We bring you the best local cat photographers in each state who are able to capture the individual personalities of your pet with stunning photos.


Duet Images

Billing themselves as ‘Melbourne’s best cat photographer’ and ‘cat whisperer’, Vanessa at Duet Images obviously loves cats and enjoys working with them.

Vanessa states that she will spend time gently interacting and entertaining your cat prior to picking up the camera to create her artworks.

Prices for Melbourne based cat photography sessions start at an affordable $55 for the photoshoot with prints and products charged separately. See their website for full pricing and cat photoshoot details.

Ella & Friends

Ella & Friends, based in the Melbourne suburb of Croydon are more commonly known for their Melbourne dog photography and famous WOOF book, but it seems that they’re also now photographing cats.

Their Instagram feed is full of dog photos but there are some lovely cat photos over on their website, with much of it looking like it has been shot in a studio based environment.  Some really lovely work on show so we’d suggest taking a look.

Jo Howell Photography

Based in the Knoxfield suburb to the east of Melbourne CBD, Jo Howell invites all types of creatures into her studio and although dogs seems to dominate her Instagram feed, she has also obviously shot plenty of cats too.

Check out the cats she has photographed on black and shiny backgrounds or surfaces – they would make stunning artworks and prints for the owner’s living room wall.

Ragamuffin Pet Photography

Although widely known for her extensove work with dogs and other pet photographers via The Pet Photographers Club podcast, Caitlin at Ragamuffin also photographs the occasional cat as you’ll see from her website and Instagram feed.

As usual the quality of the photos is excellent and we always enjoy viewing her latest work.

Based in the Williamstown area of Melbourne, Caitlin also travels to photographs dogs and cats in their own space or at a nearby location, which is usually a good option for cats as they often relax for photos a bit quicker when at home.

Loz Dalton

Although at the time of writing, it appears that Loz may be taking a short break, she predicts she’ll back photographing cats and dogs in the middle of 2023.

Loz has a great selection of dog and cat photos on her site, many with a humorous element, which always appeals to us. Also, anything Star Wars related always gets an immediate thumbs up!

Frog Dog Studios

Based in Yarraville nearby to fellow pet photographers Ragamuffin, Frog Dog are more of a studio based setup, inviting subjects to visit them for their cat photography session.

Check out the fascinating video below which shows the complete editing process for the photos they create.  The video features a dog instead of a cat, but it’s a great insight into how pet photographers work t create a polished artwork.

Zoo Studio

Utilising their signature black background which they’ve become famous for, Zoo Studio also invite cats into their photography studio for portraits.

As you’d expect from this established pet photographer, the resulting photos are lovely.  With big name studios, we always suggest checking the full price of a photoshoot and any products so that you know what you can expect to pay for your cat photos.

Furrever Pet Photography

Based in Frankston and servicing the Mornington Peninsula, Furrever are mainly all about the dogs, but there are a few sneaky cats popping up in their photo feed!

Megan O’Hehir Pet Photography

Hailing from Seattle on the US west coast, Megan must be well used to inclement weather and probably explains why she feels quite at home in the bushy area of Viewbank to the north of Melbourne.

With a great range of work featuring cats and dogs both outdoors and indoors, Megan’s pet photography sessions start at $175, with product prices starting at $395.

Beautiful art of both cats and dogs – it’s rare to find a pet photographer that photographs both types of animal so well.

Pawesome Pet Photography

Pawesome are a new pet photography brand to us, but their work looks lovely and prices start at a very reasonable $175.

Pawesome are located in Noble Park, approximately 25km east of Melbourne CBD towards Dandenong.

You’ll be glad to know that they have more photos of cats than dogs on their website so it seems like they’re well trained in the feline way!

Steven Penman Photography

Based in Ocean Grove and servicing the Bellarine and Geelong region, Steven has a very high quality of work, photographing all manner of animals, not just cats.

Check out the photos of the suitcase full of kittens on his blog – he’s a brave man to take that shoot on!

Norlu Pet Photography

Located in Geelong, Norlu are experienced in photographing cats and have a large selection of work on their website to show for it.

Photographing pets both outdoors and indoors, the indoor studio based work is often themed and has an impressive and stylised look.


Furry Munchkins

With a session fee of $250 for a 2 hour shoot, Furry Munchkins have become one of the most popular cat photographers in Sydney.

Based in Thornleigh, the team at Furry Munchkins will travel to you or your location of choice in the Sydney area to create stunning artworks for your walls.

With over 60 google reviews and a great website chock full of great cat photos it’s easy to see why their site comes up first when we google ‘cat photographer sydney’!

Pawtastic Photography

Working in Sydney and surrounds, but travelling as far as Woolongong and the blue Mountains, Sam covers a wide area with her cat photography.

Prices for a Pawtastic photo session with Sam are $200 for 1-2 hours accomodating up to 4 subjects.

Love Pets Photography

Operating out of French’s Forest, 13km north of Sydney’s CBD, Love Pets Photography offer a distinctive studio shot style of cat photography, often favouring the black backgrounds that are found in Zoo Studios work.

Studio sessions cost $150 for a 2 hour slot, so there will be plenty of time for your cat to calm down and relax into the experience.

With nearly 100 positive reviews on Google, you and your cat will be in safe hands here.

Pawtraits and Pawprints

Owned and run by Sydney based photographer Mia Sophie, Pawtraits and Pawprints was started out of a passion for animals.

For as long as she can remember, Mia has loved animals and over the years has adopted cats and dogs and still volunteers at Blacktown holding facility where she photographs the animals to help in rehoming them.

Currently living with a Beagle and 2 rescue cats Mia’s love for animals is infectious and we think you’ll agree it shows in her superb pet photos.


Rachel is the Furtographer behind the brand and has enjoyed a life long connection with animals, also loving travel, chocolate and beer. I think we’d have alot in common!

With a studio in Rosmeadow, near Campbelltown and just under an hour away from Sydney CBD or 45 mins from Wollongong, Rachel shoots much of her work in her home studio where she has ample indoor and outdoor space for sniffing and exploring before a shoot starts.

With all the usual studio options on offer, such as coloured backgrounds and props (although I can see the cats being less impressed than the dogs by this!), a studio shoot can be alot easier than attempting to photograph cats outdoors, even if it is their own backyard.

Portraits of a Pet

Working as a graphic designer and photographer at RSPCA NSW has given Portraits of a Pet photographer Patrick ample experience in photographing all sorts of animals and now also moonlights as a brilliant pet photographer in Sydney, photographing cats and dogs.

Specialising in natural light photography, Patrick aims to create natural and sincere portraits of your cat and enjoys capturing all stages in a pet’s life.

Ruthless Photos

Most often talked about as an excellent dog photographer, Ruth at Ruthless Photos also does a great job with cat photography too.

Ruth is a self confessed animal lover and has adopted and rescued numerous animals into her household.

We love her kitten photos from a litter that came to the studio on her Instagram page – check them out.


We love businesses with names that tell you exactly what they are!

Sarah-Jane Duran CatSnap seems to have hit the pause button during lockdown times so we’re hoping they’re going to reopen again soon as the photos from their mobile studio shoots are excellent. Previous clients seem to love them as they visited the home, which is great for keeping cats as relaxed as much as possible during a photoshoot.

De Lumière Pet Portraits

Widely known for their excellent family portraits, Blue Mountains based photography studio De Lumiere also produce lovely cat photography.

Sarah and the team at De Lumiere are great at putting animals at ease and know not to rush the animal which gives the lovely pet portraits you see on their website.

Hergott Photography

Best known for their excellent equine photography skills, Eva at Hergott Photography also has a knack for photographing cats.

Servicing Sydney and the Hunter Valley region for both equine and cat photography, Eva loves capturing beautiful photos of your furry friend in order to create artworks that will last a lifetime.


Click With You Photography

Kristal at Click With You Photography is primarily known for her baby and family photography but she also offers cat photography sessions and the results we’ve seen so far are very impressive.

Based in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, subjects are invited to her studio for photoshoots.

DK Imagery

Based in Lismore and offer pet photography services in south east Queensland and northern New South Wales, Dk Imagery tell us that your pets mean as much to them as they do to you!

Animal obsessed and a great photographer, Debbie at Dk Imagery is happy to travel to you to help capture the perfect pet portrait.

Zoo Studio Brisbane

Although we’ve already mentioned Zoo Studio in our Melbourne cat photography section, their original pet portrait studio was established in Brisbane.

Located in the Brisbane suburb of Auchenflower, scroll up to see their Melbourne listing for further general photoshoot information.

Frances Suter Photography

Frances Suter Photography has a wide range of subject matter ranging from corporate event photography and weddings through to families and animal photography, which we’re naturally more interested in.

Perth / WA

Pawfect Print Photography

Although much of Michelle Vella’s work with Pawfect Print Photography features dogs, she is also a great cat photographer.

Travelling all around Perth and 90 minutes outside of the city, Michelle is great at capturing the beautiful personalities of pets, whether they are feline or canine.

Click through to see more cat and dog photographers in Perth.

Studio Noah Pet Photography

More from Studio Noah Pet Photography, who also get featured in our general Perth pet photography section.

This studio does appear to photograph dogs mainly but cats have popped up in a few locations while browsing their site and Instagram feed.

Wagging Tales Pet Photography

Adept at dog photography, Wagging Tales in Perth are also known to take on feline clients too.

There aren’t many cat photos displayed on their Instagram page but the cat portfolio on the website is really beautiful – trust me, it’s worth the visit!



Frequently Asked Questions

Prices for professional cat photography can vary, but the general price is between $200-300 for the photoshoot and then most photographers will offer you prints or products to purchase, such as wall canvas or acrylic blocks, with customers spending anything from $300 to around $1200-$1500 for an average photography booking.

No. Nearly all cat photographers are sole traders who get new business through their professional reputation, great photography and a quality service to clients.

Customer reviews and feedback are the best ways of finding a reputable cat photographer in your area.

There are many high profile animal photographers, but often they specialise in dogs. The original and most famous cat photographer known by most people is Walter Chandoha.

Cats can be very fussy creatures so it’s hard to put a time on a pet photography session, but most cat photographers would suggest allowing at least an hour for photos and to not have anything major planned to rush off to.
Like all animals, cats will pick up on the vibe if everybody isn’t relaxed and calm so it might even be worth sitting down for a cup of tea with the photographer once they arrive to allow the cat to get used to their presence and help them relax into the session.  To be safe, set aside 2 hours.
NO! Cats are great fun to photograph, but they are quite often a little harder to work with. Once a photographer gains their trust with a calm and non threatening presence the photoshoot will work out well.
Dogs are easier to photograph cats as they love to please and can usually be easily bribed with treats or toys.

Mostly, cats are best photographed in their own environment at home or in the garden. We have seen very well trained cats and cats on leads photographed in parks, but it’s usually easiest for the photoshoot to be at home, in familiar surroundings.

Capturing Feline Charm: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cat Photographer

In a world where pets have become cherished members of our families, capturing their  personality through beautiful portraits has gained immense popularity, especially in recent years with lockdowns and limited contact with friend.

When it comes to our feline friends, their unique personalities and adorable deserve to be immortalised in photographs that can be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come. Selecting the right cat photographer to create stunning portraits requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Here are some invaluable tips to help you choose the perfect cat photographer to capture your pet’s charm.

1. Research and Portfolio Evaluation:

Before embarking on your quest to find a cat photographer, conduct thorough research online. Look for photographers in your area who specialise in pet photography, particularly cat photography. Most photographers have an online portfolio showcasing their work. Spend time reviewing their galleries to get a sense of their style, creativity, and skill level. Pay attention to the quality of the images, the composition, and whether the photographer can capture the unique personality of each cat.

2. Specialty in Pet Photography:

When selecting a photographer, opt for one who specialises in pet photography. Pet photography is a unique niche that requires an understanding of animal behaviour and patience. Photographers who focus on pets are more likely to have the experience and techniques needed to capture your cat in the best possible light, both literally and figuratively. Their expertise can make the photoshoot a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your feline friend.

3. Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

Customer feedback can offer valuable insights into a photographer’s professionalism, communication, and the overall experience they provide. Look for reviews and testimonials from other pet owners who have had their cats photographed by the photographer you’re considering. Positive reviews can give you confidence in your choice and help you understand what to expect during the photoshoot and the post-production process.

4. Personal Connection:

When it comes to capturing your cat’s personality, forming a connection between the photographer and your pet is crucial. Cats can be sensitive to new environments and people, so a photographer who can make your cat feel comfortable and at ease is essential. During your initial interactions with the photographer, observe how they engage with cats and their understanding of feline behavior. A compassionate and patient photographer is more likely to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for your pet.

5. Creativity and Style:

Every photographer has their own artistic style and approach to capturing images. Some photographers prefer candid shots that capture a cat’s natural behaviors, while others excel in creating whimsical, stylized portraits. Determine which style aligns with your vision for the portraits. Discuss your preferences with the photographer and ask if they can adapt their style to match your expectations.

6. Availability and Scheduling:

Before making a final decision, inquire about the photographer’s availability and scheduling. Ensure that the photographer can accommodate your preferred dates and times for the photoshoot. Cats can be unpredictable, so having flexibility in scheduling can help ensure that your cat is in the best mood for the session.

7. Location and Set-Up:

Decide whether you’d like the photoshoot to take place in a studio, outdoors, or in your own home. Some cats may be more comfortable in familiar surroundings, while others might enjoy an outdoor adventure. Discuss your cat’s temperament and preferences with the photographer to determine the best location for the photoshoot. If you opt for an indoor session, inquire about the photographer’s equipment and lighting setup to ensure they can capture stunning images in various settings.

8. Post-Production and Editing:

A photographer’s work doesn’t end after the photoshoot. Skilled post-production and editing play a significant role in enhancing the final images. Discuss the photographer’s editing process, including retouching, color correction, and any special effects you’d like to incorporate. Ensure that the photographer’s editing style aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

9. Price and Packages:

Photography services come with varying price points and package options. While cost is an important factor, don’t solely base your decision on the cheapest option. Quality photography is an investment, and the memories captured are priceless. Request a breakdown of the photographer’s pricing, including what’s included in each package. Be sure to ask about any additional charges for travel, prints, or digital files.

10. Gut Feeling and Trust:

Ultimately, go with your gut feeling. Trust your instincts when interacting with potential photographers. Choose a photographer who genuinely cares about your cat’s well-being and happiness during the photoshoot. A photographer who values your pet’s comfort and happiness is likely to go the extra mile to create stunning portraits that reflect your cat’s true essence.

In the end, selecting a cat photographer involves a combination of research, personal connection, and alignment with your vision. By carefully considering these tips and finding a photographer who truly understands and appreciates your feline friend, you’re on your way to creating timeless and heartwarming portraits that you’ll treasure forever.

If you have any questions about pet photography or to speak with your nearest cat photographer, please contact us

Professional Pet Photography in Melbourne

Pet owners are able to trust their professional photographer to capture the personalities of their beloved companions. Being specialists in the field of animal photography, your photographer will know exactly how to pose your cat to capture the perfect photo.

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