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The Best Photos For Your Best Friend

Your furry friend shows you love every day.  Why not capture the love with a professional pet photography session in Canberra?

  • Perfect for birthdays or anniversaries

  • Create beautiful art for your home

  • Capture your pet’s personality

Professional Pet Photos

We bring you the best local animal photographers who are able to capture the individual personalities of your pets with stunning photos.

Janine Fabre Photography

Based in Queanbeyan East, Janine Fabre is well established in the Canberra area with her pet photography service.

Offering Thursday to Saturday studio photoshoots in alternate weeks she produces really impressive photography in her dog friendly home studio.

Janine’s style of animal photography has a bright and vibrant studio based look and it’s safe to assume that most people leave her studio with some large pieces of wall art!

We’re loving the dog snout facemasks that are currently available on the shop page of her website – a great idea!

Ina J Photography

Ina ensures that all her photo sessions are personalised to you and your pet so that they feel more like an afternoon play date.

She uses various locations around Canberra to capturing the unique personality and characters of your pets.

Although she predominantly works with dogs, she has also photographed cats and rabbits.

Willowmark Imagery

Judging by her extensive Instagram feed, Kylee Sharples of Canberra’s Willowood Imagery seems to be able to speak both cat and dog!

We’re loving the shots of the cats on glass.  Cats are tough creatures to photograph at times, so our collective hats are tipped to her.

As you can see from her Youtube account, she offers ‘Buddy & Me’ sessions which is aimed at owners who want to be photographed with their dog, which isn’t something all pet photographers like to offer so she’ll be in high demand!

Ruthless Photos

A Sydney pet photographer but also servicing the ACT, Ruth O’Leary of Ruthless Photos is a self declared dog fanatic. She LOVES dogs. Always has, always will.

Ruth studied a visual communications degree in Ireland, but relocated to Australia in 2004 where she set up her successful animal photography business for both private and commercial clients.  She has even started a Ruthless stock photo library to fulfil those perfect and unique commercial photography needs.  Some of those stock library images just don’t cut it!

Moist Nose Pet Photography

Based in the Canberra suburb of Gungahlin, Moist Nose Photography is owned and run by Alistair Nitz, an animal lover turned photographer.

Close to Belconnen Dog Obedience Club, Alistair can often be found photographing dogs in the area and he currently photographs the dogs that arrive at Canberra Pet Rescue to help increase their chances of being rehomed.

Raised on a farm and surrounded by animals, Alistair loves being around dogs and has a particular soft spot for Boxers.

Eddison Photographic Studios

Leaving school at the age of 18 with a year 12 Certificate and a camera hung Canberra photographer Eddie Misic followed his heart and went on to study a Diploma in Photography, and by the age of 22, started what has grown into Canberra’s Eddison Photographic Studios, which now specialises in portraits and pet photos.

From browsing their website it seems that Eddison get involved with most genres of photography, but they do have plenty of portfolio examples of working with different types of pets, which are mostly studio based.

Sharon Prins Photography

Based in the Yass Valley, Sharon seems to mainly focus on child and family portraits (of which she does a lovely job!!), but she also offers a pet photography service in the Yass Valley and Canberra area, with prices starting at $220 including edited digital images.

There are some great examples of kids with their pets on her website shot in the studio which capture the bond between a child and their pet beautifully! That’s a tricky combo to do well so hats off to her!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices for professional pet photography can vary, but a general price is approximately $200-300 for a photoshoot and then most pet owners purchase prints, wall canvas or digital files, spending anything from $200 to around $1200-$1500 for an average shoot.

Most animal photographers are sole traders who gain their business through offering a quality service to clients. They are not usually endorsed or ratified by any professional body. It’s safe to say that bad or neglectful photographers don’t stay in business very long!  In Australia the AIPP is the organisation for professional photographers.

There are several high profile animal photography competitions, but some which are more suited pet photographers are the Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year and the newer Pet Photographer of the Year run by the folk at the Pet Photographers Club podcast.

Some pet photographers focus solely on one type of animal such as a cat or a dog, but many offer their services to all creatures.  Nearly all the photographers that we have come across photograph dogs, but very few are prepared to photograph horses.
In our experience we have found that the optimum photoshoot length is about one hour with dogs.  This allows for the dog to take a break and a variety of scenes.  Working with cats can be trickier and sometimes you get 10 seconds and sometimes 10 minutes or more.  As long as your animal photographer has brought along his bag of patience, they’ll manage to capture some stunning photos for you, no matter how long your pet is willing to work with them for.

Personally we love some of the extensive bush areas around Canberra, but each animal photographer will have their own personal preferences.  Some prefer working in the studio where they can have a hig degree of control, while others prefer the freedom and unpredictable nature of the local park. Chat to your photographer for the best location for your dog.

If you have any pet photography questions, please contact us.

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Expert Advice

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Professional Pet Photographers in Canberra

Pet owners are able to trust their professional photographer to capture the personalities of their beloved companions. Being specialists in the field of animal photography, your photographer will know exactly how to pose your pet to capture the perfect photo.

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